Fox + Stag brings you an up-cycled creative outlet. We use fabric swatches from high-end interior design firms that would otherwise end up in the trash and we re purpose them into a fashion forward piece. Fox + Stag started off as a well-loved grandma hand-me-down Bernina sewing machine and a bag full of "trash" material, now we are a creative outlet for all to enjoy. You can shop, create, and host your own crafting night. Fox + Stag provides an array of creativity from logo design, web design, sewing, calligraphy, and mobile crafting. We have something for everyone. Purchase a gift for a friend or family member, or create your own one-of-a-kind piece. Contact us for a completely customized creative experience!
 ASHLEY SHUPP Owner/Designer Ashley grew up in Telluride and then went on to Bradley Academy in York, Pennsylvania where she received a degree in graphic design. She has always had an artistic side to her and it blossomed after the birth of her two children, Ethan Richards & Eddie Ray. They inspired a whole new side to her creativity and Fox + Stag was born. When her grandmother, a retired home economics teacher, passed away and left her with a Bernina sewing machine she didn't know what to do. Over time, she learned the ropes and now has a one-woman crafting area in her home. Her use of high-end fabrics, bright zips, and fun accessories are testament to her skills. Contact her to purchase items, get a logo or web design package, or to create an in-house crafting experience for your friends and family. * Inquire for rates.
P. O. Box 2814 + Telluride + CO + 81435